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How do you keep the ice from melting?
There are no magic solutions to prevent ice from melting. When the Temperature exceeds 32F ice begins to melt. Drain trays are supplied with every sculpture. We have a variety of trays available which are functional as well as decorative.

How long does it take to carve a sculpture?
This really depends on (a) the size of the piece being done and (b). the level of detail required. A basic design can be done in as little as thirty to forty minutes. A multiple block carving can however take several hours depending on the level of detail required.

How long does an ice sculpture last?
A couple of factors come into play in the longevity of a sculpture,(a) the size of the piece (b) temperature of the room (c) air movement. Generally speaking most ice sculptures will last 6-8 hours however, the finer details of the piece will melt after the first hour but the overall beauty of the piece will last for hours.

Are Ice Sculptures very expensive?
Single block ice carvings start at $275 and up. Ice sculptures are somewhat like buying jewelry, everything is relative to size, and detail required for your selection. The Ice Occasions (West) team will work to see you get the best value for your event dollar be it a single block Swan or multiple block Ice Wall we can meet budget.

Is that really ice?
It always amazes me to see people come up and touch the ice because they can't believe ice can be so clear. Colored ice takes on a marble or wax appearance which is really weird. Ice can be a difficult medium to work with, one can do everything the same and yet two exact pieces may not have the same clarity. In spite of this, Ice Occasions produces only the highest quality ice so that all our work takes on the appearance of fine crystal.